Hydro-Guard automatic flushing and monitoring systems are used by utilities throughout North America to maintain water quality throughout their distribution systems. These systems can be programmed to flush on a scheduled sequence and to monitor a variety of water quality conditions, including chlorine residuals, temperature, pH, flow, turbidity, and pressure.

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Permanent Flushing Systems

Hydro-Guard Permanent Flushing Systems provide a fully automated solution for flushing water distribution lines. The units can be designed to operate reliably in warm and cold climates. Designed for use with either a built-in (NODE) or removable (T-2) multi-event programmer, Hydro-Guard systems are programmed to flush a water line multiple times per day, seven days a week, with flush durations ranging from one minute to six hours per program. Water can be discharged atmospherically onto the system's splash plate or direct into a storm pond, storm sewer or drainage swale.