Founded in McAllen, TX by W. Chad Nunnery, CAP was created in order to meet growing demand for advanced composite utility cover solutions . Made in America rather than molded overseas,  CAP uses high tonnage compression presses for the best blend of quality and affordability. 


Compression molding improves the cost structure with rapid production cycles versus the less efficient Resin Transfer Molding (RTM) and other fiberglass (FRP/GRP) casting processes.  In addition, compression molding improves quality by reducing entrapped gas, ensuring a complete thermoset polymer cure, eliminating many post process operations, and conveying higher strengths from internal, hardened-steel, mold cavity pressures during part formation.

Faster production cycles and their stateside location allow CAP to promise customers weeks, not months, for product delivery.  We feature standard production models with either bolts or paddle locks, as well as custom logos and colors! We also mold manufactured dates into the product allowing trace-ability to raw materials for analysis.